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Founded in 1996, SUDIA (Sudanese Development Initiative) is a pioneering non-governmental organization working with a broad cross-section of stakeholders for greater stability, development, and good governance in Sudan by reducing violence, empowering youth and advancing the role of the media and civil society.

Drawing on a wide base of partners and networks which include a diverse range of stakeholders (local and international organizations, media institutions, as well as banking and telecommunication firms from the private sector) in combination with an unparalleled level of Sudan-specific expertise we pride ourselves on the scope and innovative nature of our portfolio of programmes and services.

Programmes and projects are focused along three thematic areas – Peacebuilding, Youth &Livelihoods, Civil Society and Media, whilst services for which we have become recognized include – Projects Management, Research and Training, Media & Communications, and Advocacy.

Principles and values

In pursuing our vision and mission, we value: Transparency - Accountability - Equality

SUDIA has enshrined five key principles which guide our work - 

  • Participation, self-reliance, shared responsibility and ownership without discrimination or bias
  • A wholistic understanding of individual well-being which incorprates the wider social, environmental and spiritual dimensions as well as the purely material;
  • Recognition of the knowledge and experience of our members, staff, partners and the communities with whom we work;
  • Personal commitment, a strong resolve, and a heightened sense of ownership
  • Creativity and appreciation for diversity

Governance and Management

SUDIA is governed by a General Assembly which elects an Executive Committee to manage the business and affairs of the organization. The executive committee is supported by a team of young dedicated professionals and volunteers. Additionally, programs and services draw on an experienced and professional pool of associates and consultants. This combination of staff, associates and consultants has enabled the organization to deliver programs and services in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Funding and accountability

SUDIA is funded through membership fees, grants for special projects and donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations. Additional income comes from contracts for services provided to national and international NGOs, multi-lateral organizations and the private sector.

SUDIA adheres to strict accounting and management procedures and ensures that these are in compliance with accepted international standards. SUDIA’s financial accounts are audited annuallyand the latest audited financial statements are made available on the website.